A brief description of each of the Commissions, which are comprised of wonderful, dedicated church members who volunteer their time to insure that the ministries and missions of the church are accomplished.

The Missions Comission (formerly the Outreach Commision) continues to facilitate community outreach and missions outside of the context of the Child Care Center. The Missions Commission is always welcoming anyone who wishes to assist others. 

The Parish Life Commission is in charge of the Christian Education, Adult fellowship, youth and young families, caring, & prayer ministries. If you would like to serve with this ministry team, please call the church. See Leonard Murphy or Janie Thompson to help with this Commission. 

The Stewards Commission is in essence the "behind the scenes" Commission in that they are responsible for the upkeep of the Church and much more. As always, they are welcoming of anyone who is willing to work to improve COTS. See Jim Franklin to help with this Commission.

The Worship Commission takes care of communion, determing ushers, and many other tasks, events and projects. They also provide snacks after most services. This Commission would love to see you as a part of this important Commission. See Beth Dietz to help with this Commission. 

The Child Care Commission was newly formed in 2010 to take a more active roll in overseeing the financial and staffing aspects of the Child Care Center. A great team of people has come together and has already accomplished a number of actions that will help to insure quality child care.